Monday, March 31, 2014

10 Months

Ten Months

This last month was a big one for you, boy! You've started waving "hi" and are still so fascinated with clapping. You crawl so fast we can't keep up! Though you're not quite walking yet, you've started standing on your own for a bit at a time! You now can feed yourself, too! And I think you're pretty proud of yourself for that one! You get so excited when it's meal time, especially when we serve sweet potatoes! The high chair scoots all over the place when you see them coming your way :) You've also really discovered your voice and we hear a constant babble and lots of screams from your little mouth! We've noticed you mimicking us, like when Daddy raises his hands in the air during a basketball game or when I blow you kisses! You've also started saying, "Mama," which of course has been my personal favorite! You also are really into opening and closing doors these days! Who needs toys, right? We love you so much and continue to pray that your heart would be softened by the love of Jesus and that you would choose to live for Him. We love you!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nine Months

Nine Months 

It's hard to believe you've been out in the world now longer than you were in my tummy! You are certainly growing up and showing us more and more of who you really are. However, your personality was hard to see this month considering how much time you spent being sick. You, my poor baby, spent the majority of February fighting off rotavirus and 2 rounds of double ear infection. Our hearts just broke for you. After about 3 weeks of that hot mess, you were back to your smiley self. We're so blessed by your easy going nature. Some days are just crazy, and you tend to just smile and go along with whatever we're doing. You crawl all over the place, tapping everything with your hands, while saying, "Guh," "Bah," and the occasional, "Ma." You're like a little noisemaker. Your newest thing is to laugh by inhaling, making a gasping noise. I'm ready for that to end because it sounds like you're gasping for air every time. Sweet Levi, we are so grateful for you (did you know that?!) and can't imagine our lives without you in it. We just know that God is going to use your sweet spirit and kind heart to further His kingdom, if only you would be receptive. So our prayer remains: that you would grow to know Him and love Him, and that you would experience His love for you as you follow Him every day of your life. We love you so much, kid.