Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Levi: Three Years Old

I know, I know, people say it all the time so sometimes it seems to lose it's gravity, but these last couple of years have just flown by. How is it possible that my first born son is three years old? And all the while, how is it possible that it's only been three years?? I can't believe my once 7lb 5oz baby boy is now at 36lb toddler in need of size 9 tennis shoes. I also can't believe that I've only known him a few short years of my life, as I can't seem to remember life without this kid. No joke, not long ago I was looking through our wedding pictures, and I thought to myself, "Who was watching Levi?"

Levi Jack Fox. You're my world. This last year especially has been a blast. Last year at this time, the only word you said (often and a lot) was, "car." "Car. Car. Car. Car. Car. Car..." I believe right before your second birthday, you said, "Dada!" You spent nine months in speech therapy, and now, your speech is unstoppable. I SO enjoy having conversations with you. Sure, they're mostly about diggers and excavators, trains and car washes, but they mean everything to me. Hearing what's on your mind and your heart blesses me so much. Your words are kind and witty and full of life and wonder. Sometimes you throw us for
a real loop when you say things out of no where, like, "Doctors use x rays to look inside you." You're always asking if we can go to the car to go to church. You make your trains say things like, "Hi Toby, I'm going to Target....Hi Thomas, I'm going to the bank. I'm going to get the money." Your trains travel to all the magical places...the grocery store, gas station, Ganga and Papa's house. You love it all, and your daddy and I could listen to you play all day.

Speaking of Dad, you still lovingly refer to him as "Dad Home." "Hey Dad Home, can I have milk?" "Dad Home, it's breakfast time." And don't get me started on  your love for breakfast time. You wish every meal was breakfast. The eggs, the oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, donuts, pancakes, toast...you name it, you love it! I've always been a breakfast girl myself, so I look forward to sneaking away Saturday mornings with you in the future to fun breakfast joints where we'll laugh or say nothing and have a great time. I see, even at a mere three
years old, a young man in you emerging more and more. You grow and mature every day before my eyes, and it's so wonderful getting to know you.

You are so handsome and brave, always trying new things like jumping in the pool and trying to climb our fence. You love making people laugh, and you'll do anything to do so, which, for your cousins, means mostly yelling "gaaaaaah!" and all laughing together like you just told the best joke. You are still possessive over your favorite cars and Scout, but you've been more quick to share your Fox when Caroline is crying and more eager to take turns. Makes my mama heart proud.

Speaking of Caroline, you've really embraced the role of Big Brother. You gave her her now most used nickname, Ro Ro the day we brought her home. As she's grown, we've experienced so much joy watching you make her laugh by pretending to be a dinosaur or playing peek a boo in your tent. She adores you and I don't blame her one bit. I'm so glad you're in her life to protect her and be her
friend...she's a lucky girl. There's not a day that goes by I don't stop and praise God for blessing me with kids like the two of you.

Other than playing at your train table, your favorite things to do are playing with Play Dough, with Buzz and Woody, run laps in the backyard, water our plants, feed Sophie, and crawl around on the floor with Ro. Shortly after your third birthday we started potty training and you really seem to enjoy sitting on the potty and getting an "egg" (piece of candy). You've actually picked up on the whole idea rather quickly; we are pleasantly surprised.

Its frustrating wrapping up a post like this because there are a million other things that come to mind when I think about you as a three year old. But when all is said and done, we want more than anything for you to know Jesus and His love for you. We want you to experience the redemption He offers, and to in turn, serve Him and others in all that you do. We want you to be who God created you to be, and we are so excited to see Him use you in mighty, mighty ways. We are so proud of you, Levi, and love you more than you'll ever know.