Thursday, July 7, 2016

Caroline: Eleven Months

Eleven Months

My Rosie is just one month away from being one year old! Fastest year of my life. This last month has been so fun. Well, the second half has been fun. The first half was spent teething and being a sad little lady, but once your top teeth started to pop through, you were back to your happy self. You are waving to everyone, saying "hi" and "baby" from sun up to sun down. You are a sensitive soul, popping your bottom lip out whenever we tell you "no." You are a climber, climbing up (and now down) the stairs, climbing picnic tables and out of your high chair and car seat. As much as you love being on the go, you always make time to stop and snuggle, nuzzling your sweet face in my neck and giving me sweet hugs. You're our easy going, happy girl with just enough sass to keep us on our toes. We love you Sister and are so proud of the little girl you're becoming!

Oh, and because it's summer time and we have been doing so many fun things, I apparently failed to write a 10 Months Old post. Second Child Syndrome? Anyway, at least I took a picture :)