Sunday, March 13, 2016

Caroline: Seven Months

Seven Months

Oh Sweet Ro, seven months old! You are so sad you can't quite crawl yet, but you find your way around by rolling in every direction and even scooting while sitting up! You've become our little dancing queen, bopping your head around to the beat of any music or simply just rhythm you hear. You just want to move, which makes it so fun to play with you and so impossible to snuggle you! My mama heart is a little sad as you become more and more fidgety when rocked at night because you just want to lay down and fall asleep on your own! But I know it's a good thing that you're growing and becoming a little more independent all the time! You, my girl, have so much to say and Levi is fascinated by you; he loves to join in on the jibber jabber! You're eating much better this month and seem to really like apples and Puffs! At just 16.2 lbs you're still our tiny little lady, but you love big and your smile is the sweetest thing. We love you girl!