Friday, November 29, 2013

Six Months...Six Months!!!

Six Months

(Getting him to sit still was a JOKE!)

You are becoming quite the adventurous little man!! You will go to anyone, you love to "fly" on our legs or in our arms, and prefer to hang upside down. Your hair is really growing in now giving us lots of laughs over your morning bed head. You have eaten avocado, banana, pears, and your favorite thus far, green beans! You want to crawl so badly, but we are totally fine if you wait! As crazy as you are, you still have a very sweet side who loves hugs and kisses and you love to stroke Mama's face and hair. Your bashful smile is still our favorite, the way you turn your head as if you're about to blush. When surrounded by a pile of toys, you reach for a book every time. Sophie has made you smile and laugh more than any of us. We're so glad you love her! You are such a delight, Levi Jack and it's such a joy to know you! Our bedtime prayers continue to wrap up with a request that you would experience the love of Jesus one day and become His disciple! That's the greatest adventure of all! We love you, boy!!