Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chronicles of Sophie

A few years ago, I was just a simple 22 year old taking on the world. I had started my own business when I was just 19, and bought my first home three years later. Scary? Yes. You wouldn't think I was that nervous, considering the fact that I had only looked at one house, and placed an offer that night. If the shoe fits, right?

Living on my own was so fun, but I needed something to go home to. My thumbs aren't green, and there was no relationship in my life at the time going down the road to marriage, so plants and a husband were out of the question. The only logical solution of course was a dog. I looked online at shelter puppies for two days until I finally saw this face (right). I had to have her.

Sophie had been in a kill-shelter for some time. She could only stay there for so long before they'd put her down. Her time was coming soon, so another organization that fosters puppies like Sophie took her in. Just a week later, she was mine.

Incredibly timid at 10 months old, we took her home. She had unlikely behavior, like hiding behind me on walks when she heard a noise, or running behind the couch or under the bed when I'd do laundry. (She no longer hides, but she'll sit behind me with her head down like she's ducking from getting hit.) Slowly Sophie began to feel safe. I was thrilled that she no longer feared everything in the world, and it was fun to watch the puppy in her come out. (Click here to see a video of that sweet puppy)

The girl was cute, but she was a monster. Evidence:

All things considered, I have one sweet puppy. She's my ragamuffin, and our house is more like a home because of her. Her adjusting to Brett living here took some time, and the two still have a love/hate relationship. (Can you believe I married someone who didn't like dogs? What was I thinking?) Anyway, the three of us really do love each other and every day is a little more adventurous because of that sweet, hairy face. (Sophie's, not Brett's)

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