Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Months

Three Months

After the growth spurt you had this month, you are up to 18lbs by now! You were eating every 1-2 hours, and if you weren't eating, you were crying. Makes for a very tired Levi and Mama :( But we made it! You are back to your sweet self again!! This month, you rolled over for the first time! Thankfully it was when both your mama and daddy were home, so we got to watch and caught it on camera!! You have also begun to bat at toys which has made play time so fun! We've had fun going on walks and sitting on the swing in our backyard watching Sophie play! How quickly you've outgrown your 3 month clothes and are now entering 6-9 month clothes! You're growing up so fast, Levi, and your mom and dad are so proud of you! We hope and pray you continue to find joy in the simple things in life and that you would have a heart for Jesus and his people! We love you, Hammy!!

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