Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My House Checklist!

Have you ever had so many ideas going through your mind you actually lose sleep thinking about it? Then when you actually fall asleep, you dream about it? That's been me lately. So many ideas for what to do to our house, and so much time to do it! At our old house, I felt more in a hurry to complete each room since I knew we wouldn't be there for a long time. However, when Brett and I bought this house, we bought it with the hopes we would be able to stay here long term. Assuming that we will and that God won't lead us elsewhere anytime soon, I've collected ideas for each room of the house. Over the next year, I hope to tackle a few of these projects, all within the realms of a very small budget. Granted, it'd be nice to be able to spend as much as my little heart desired for each room, but I like the challenge of keeping it reasonable and making something out of nothing! Here are a few ideas I have so far. Listed are both long term and short term goals. There are other rooms in our house I can't wait to tackle as well, but for now, this will have to do :)

Front of House

  • Paint and add shutters, remove most of landscaping and add a few plants, paint front door
  • Eventually replace and add more porch spindles, replace door, change light fixtures
Living Room 
   (pardon the Christmas decor as these are older pics...)

  • Paint walls, paint trim and bead board white
  • Eventually change light fixtures, replace carpet, replace furniture, replace baseboard
Family Room

  • Paint walls, paint trim white
  • Hang artwork and window treatments
  • Eventually add built ins, rug, funky chairs, replace baseboard
Dining Room

  • Paint walls, paint trim white
  • Paint door
  • Add window treatments and artwork
  • Change light fixture
  • Eventually add farmhouse table and chairs big enough for a few more kiddos, add proper baseboard, replace door with dutch door

  • Paint walls and trim
  • Eventually replace backsplash, add island, paint cabinets, add proper baseboard
Entry Way

  • Paint walls and trim
  • Paint door and paint spindles on staircase
  • Eventually replace door and replace baseboard
Master Bedroom/Bathroom
  (previous owners pictures...)

  • Paint walls, paint trim, paint closet doors
  • Add window treatments
  • Paint dressers and nightstands
  • Create better bathroom storage (awkward closet not shown)
  • Eventually replace baseboard

  • Update landscaping
  • Strip and stain deck and swing, add proper support beams under deck
  • Eventually add pergola, add lighting 

If you notice, there's one very strong theme when you look through the pictures: BROWN. I know there's a time and a place for taupe, but it's not now and it ain't here. My hope is that when you look at the "after" pictures, you see nothing but light and color and patterns and texture! Anyway, that's what's been on my mind lately! Now, to decide which project to start first...

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