Monday, January 27, 2014

Now That I'm a Mom...

  • I look at mugshots of guys who have gotten into trouble and immediately think of and pray for their mothers.
  • I spend a larger chunk of my day just trying to identify the bodily fluids on my clothes/in my hair.
  • I have become a true homebody. Not that I don't enjoy getting fresh air as much as the next guy, but I'll go 2 or 3 days without leaving before I start to go stir-crazy. I just get wrapped up in the coziness of our home and enjoy just letting Levi play and have fun at home. 
  • The last one is quite the catch 22. As much as I enjoy spending time with the boys in our own four walls, I have to make a conscious effort to not get too complacent. I've become more aware that Satan can use comfort to keep us from doing what we should be doing. Jesus didn't die for me to be comfortable. He died so that I might know Him and live and love radically like He
  • Praying for God's will to be done becomes a whole lot more difficult when it involves surrendering your baby. 
  • When diaper changes go awry, sometimes I'll have to remind myself to wash my hands/arm/face. You become immune to this stuff over time...I have to make myself wash up and remind myself that it. really. is. quite. gross.
  • I make funny faces and noises to make Levi laugh all day. The problem is that I find myself making the same goofy noises randomly in public when he's not around out of habit. So if you see a girl at the grocery smacking her lips or gurgling her spit, I promise she's not creepy.
  • Same goes with hand clapping. I clap for him all day while saying, "Yay!" There have been multiple times I've been talking to an
    adult and when they've said something positive, I catch myself clapping, about to cheer for them, as well!
  • I learn life lessons every day. Like today, for instance. I was wiping Levi's face after lunch, and of course he screams like I'm wiping him with sandpaper. I thought to myself, "Why do kids hate having their faces wiped so much? It feels so much better to just be clean!" Then it dawned on me: our Heavenly Father must think that about us. He sees us living our lives covered in dirt and filth. He knows that the process to wipe us clean isn't what we desire, but He knows it's completely necessary and He knows the joy and freedom we'll experience when the process is over. By the time I had Levi out of the high chair, I was praising Jesus for the sacrifice He made to "wipe me clean" and found myself asking for Him to continue to clean up the messes in my heart. And that was just lunch time.
  • From day one, I've wondered how anyone can only bathe their baby every
    couple of days. Between getting milk tucked away in his neck rolls as a newborn, to having food splattered all over his hair as an 8 month old, and every poop in between, I can't go a day without giving Levi a bath. And if I do, the kid stinks! If you're an every other day baby bather, what's your secret?! Is my kid just that gross?
  • I used to look at young families and think about how cute they were and wonder what they named their kids and thought about how much fun it would be to have kids of my own some day. Now I look at them and think, "Wonder how much sleep they got last night?"
  • I wish I would have read more books about how to continue to grow closer to Jesus and your husband when baby comes and less about how often I should feed my baby. Not that the latter wasn't helpful, but a mom get's all of that figured out in the first couple of weeks. Developing better
    relationships with the Lord and your man is much more challenging when your primary focus throughout the day is to keep a human being alive. It's a joy to find the balance but it's not always easy.
  • I pray every day that I would never forget how soft Levi's cheeks are. That his sweet sighs and sheepish grins would be permanently engraved in my heart, and that the way he falls into my arms so perfectly as we sing our songs and say our bedtime prayers. The way his hand strokes my back as I nurse him and the way he suddenly stops and looks at me with a surprised look when he's finished as if he forgot I was even in the room. The way his eyes light up when I open his door in the morning and then the way he squints them shut so dramatically when I turn his bedroom lights on. All these things and more, I so desperately want to forever remember and treasure in my heart.

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