Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Levi, Leaves, and Love

Yesterday was such a beautiful glimpse of spring! Just shy of 70 degrees, we spent the day shopping with my sister and her newest little lady, then later we played outside and at the park! I've said from day one, life with Levi has been one giant lesson after another on God's great love. We go about our daily routine and God uses Levi to show me how much He loves me and teaches me more about His character. The smallest things draw me closer to Him all the time. Yesterday was no exception.

I took Levi outside to enjoy the fresh air as I cleaned off our back deck. Our patio furniture had been covered in snow for about 4 months, so it was time to wipe them down and arrange them again. Leaves had been piled up underneath the snow for long enough, so I let Levi crawl around as I swept up the leaves in a pile. Levi watched as I swept up the leaves and dirt. What happened next changed my heart.

Levi began to pick up each individual leaf and stare in wonder. Each would make him smile. Some he would crunch in his fingers. Others he would chew on the stem. One he even tickled on his face. His face shone with shear delight.

And that's when God stirred in my heart. I thought about how, sometimes as humans we view ourselves as dirty old leaves, dead and good for nothing. But God, in His perfect love, views each of us as a treasure. He takes delight in us and sees each of us as special. No, we're not perfect. We're no where near it. But because of the blood of the Lamb, God receives glory because we are who we are: imperfect but made in His image.

So tonight, forgive yourself. Accept yourself. Surrender yourself to the One who delights in you and loves you, no matter how yucky or useless you feel. He sees you for who you really are, and He loves you more than you know.

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