Monday, May 23, 2016

Caroline: Nine Months

Nine Months 

Miss Rosie Ro is nine months old and always moving!! You are a fast little crawler, even finding your way up the stairs with no fear at all! Your Daddy is trying to teach you how to crawl backwards down the stairs, because you are a little too adventurous and always try to go down the steps head first! You are clapping and waving hi, and occasionally even saying "ha" as you wave! You are still the worlds best eater in your division, with new favorites being chicken, blueberries, and grapes! Recently you've begun trying to stand in the middle of a room, which makes us wonder if walking isn't too far away! Sweet girl, you have the most precious demeanor, always pleasant with just a small streak of orneriness. We praise God all the time for putting you in our family! Our prayer is that He would work wonders in your heart and that you would spend your days loving and serving Him! We love you Roey!!

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