Monday, May 7, 2012


Everyone has a different love language. I laugh because Brett and I really are so much alike, but our love languages are completely opposite. Brett's most prominent love language is acts of service, while mine is words of affirmation. I'm good with words, words are close friends of mine. Demonstrating my love for Brett with less chatter and more of a servants heart has been a stretch for me, but I'm always up for the challenge.

 It's just that it gets a little difficult when he finishes his master's degree. I want to shout to the world, "LOOK WHAT HE DID! CONGRATULATE HIM!" (which I did, by the way, via facebook), and Brett sits there saying, "Shhh Kayla it's no big deal..." Because my telling him how proud I am of him only went so far, the only solution was to throw him a surprise party. It was planned about a week in advance, so I was grateful that (almost) all of our family was able to come on such short notice to show Brett how proud they were of him! 

Brett was certainly caught off guard, but by the time he realized we were going to eat his favorite foods for dinner, he was good to go. We spent the evening eating dinner, sharing stories, fishing, and spending time around a bonfire. I think the whole night left Brett feeling admired, so it was a win! Thanks to everyone who came and made him feel adored!!
(Pardon the pictures with poor lighting...)

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