Monday, August 20, 2012

Our First Year

Things I Learned in the First Year of Marriage
  • How to successfully cook for a man who won't eat anything that contains these ingredients: cottage cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, mushrooms (or just about any vegetable at that), eggs, or mayonnaise. He also won't eat casseroles or anything too sweet or chocolatey or with too many tomatoes. And everything has to be plain.
  • Never run a vacuum during a football game...I learned that week 3 of married life.
  • Jesus is the only One who truly satisfies. As wonderful as my husband is and as much as I feel my cup overflows, I've noticed my moments of dissatisfaction in my marriage are parallel to times I haven't spent with Jesus. When I really get in the Word and when I spend time in prayer and practice daily surrender, the times of frustration pale in comparison and I am able to chose joy.
  • Brett defines a "good" fart as one that is loud and super stinky. I define a "good" fart as one that is silent and provides necessary relief. And that's the difference between boys and girls.
  • Keeping score only keeps you further from your spouse. Lay down the score card, grab his hand, and be a team.
  • My husband is a warrior. He loves me and protects me fiercely. He works so hard for anywhere from 8-18 hours a day, busting his butt and I have yet to hear a single complaint about his schedule or exhaustion. He is the most loyal friend, not only to me, but to his friends and family. I am repeatedly blown away by his kindness and leadership. He is MY warrior. That being said, he is still a sinner, just like me. In moments of frustration, God has taught me to shower him with grace. God has taught me to love him and respect him generously, whether or not it's "deserved." Because of that, one of my heart's greatest desires is to learn to love Brett and respect him a little more everyday. 
  • There is more than one way to fold socks. In my family, we always folded our socks by laying the pair on top of each other, and tucking one into the other. Brett, on the other hand, folds his socks by literally folding his socks. I don't know why that makes me laugh so much, but it does.
  • It's not always easy recalling positive remarks made by someone, but it's always a cinch to remember words that hurt. Choosing words wisely and thinking before you speak is indispensable in life, especially in a marriage.
  • How to play poker. And how to win poker.
  • Always assume the best out of your spouse. There have been times I've come home and gotten upset that the dishes weren't done or the laundry wasn't put away. Instead of storming in and yelling about how "I do ALL the work around here!" (which is NOT true, by the way), I assume he didn't see it, or that just because my priorities aren't his priorities doesn't mean his priorities don't matter. Am I making sense here? Bottom line: Assume the best.
  • Be his friend. Laugh a lot. Sometimes I need to stop taking life so seriously and dress up like a moron and dance around the house with the boy.  Watch football together and go on walks and make him feel like the rock star he is. Enjoy this awesome gift of marriage God's graciously blessed us with.

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