Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Target Finds...

The only good thing about running out of dog food at 8:30pm is that you get to run across the block to Target in your sweatpants and stroll through every aisle of goodness without shame. That's what I did Thursday night. I promise, all I bought was dog food. But I found a few goodies I'd love to share with you, so that either you can  purchase them for yourself, or in case you were trying to figure out what I'd want for Christmas or my birthday or a some day house-warming gift but were afraid of asking because you didn't want to make it so obvious. That's so sweet of you, friend. Let me offer a few suggestions :)

Sweet vintage looking pretty in a hutch or entry way table!

Organizing basket with flare..they weren't really 19.99, I think they were 16.99 if I remember right...

Green vases...again, pretty in a hutch or entry way table...
oooh, or a bathroom. The possibilities are endless!

Owl bookends. Break my heart. Just 24.99.

No. 4 Pillow...Love the writing and the color.
 I just hate how pricey pillows are. 24.99??
Ah, but this one could be worth it!!

I actually already have this clock and I LOVE it. But this one has a broken
 second-hand so it's on sale. Easy fix and cool clock for just 17.99!

Last but not least, this Tic Tac Toe tray. As cool as what it is,
don't buy it, this one has got to be easy to make!!
Is anyone else as in love with the new lines at Target as I am!? So many neat quirky things, I can't get enough!

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