Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eighteen Months

I feel like 18 months is that golden age that so many parents refer to. I've always heard that it's when they start to understand more of what you say and they learn to communicate themselves, so life becomes a bit easier. I can't believe we're already at that stage of the game. How is this little man the same kid I kissed goodnight tonight? --> 

They weren't kidding about communication, by the way. Levi still has a lot to learn, but his popular words and phrases are currently "car," "ready to go," "go, go, go," "go to the car,"  and the occasional "up!" :) Cars are just his thing right now. I'll catch him flipping through books now and then, and with each page, he says, "Car. Go car. Go go go!" A boy through and through. Our recent funny story was when he found a book about fire trucks at my parents house. He came running over to me with the book yelling, "Car! Car!" So I said, "Yea, buddy. Fire trucks!" And he said, "Hmm. Fire car." How could you argue with that?

Our once good eater has suddenly proven he is his father's son. He is as picky as I'll get out. I always said it's important to just keep offering him whatever I prepare and eventually he'll get hungry enough. But I'm starting to doubt my methods. There are days he only drinks a few cups of milk, eats half a granola bar, a few bites of chicken, and cheese. I don't worry about it too much though, considering he's 30 lbs and in the 95 percentile for weight. (35% for height, so he's short and stout!)

Levi has become pretty fascinated with talking on the phone. He has a few play phones he plays around with, but most of the time, he just puts his shoulder to his ear and says, "Heeeeey. dakj oeij sdkfioe  ok?" He'll do it every time I answer the phone, and apparently every time the buzzer sounds at basketball games! When he is done, he has this fake laugh where one side of his mouth goes higher than the other, and he squints one eye and cackles. It kills us!

His hugs and kisses are just the most precious thing. He still loves his morning cuddles and reading books on our laps. He has learned how the books are supposed to go, so if we "read" on the wrong page, he'll point to it and pound on the book until we read the right part. Smartie pants. He is also starting to (finally) hold my hand and walk with me. The moments he reaches up for my hand melts my heart, but not as much as his dance moves do. They pretty much just consist of stomping his feet really fast, then cheering for himself, but it's hilarious.

Levi was a great sport during his first football season! It was there he learned to say "Go!" and I swear that kid thought everyone was always cheering for him. Levi spent the majority of the games marching around and exploring. Thankfully I had sweet friends and grandparents help me with him so I could actually watch Brett coach. Some of my favorite moments during season with Levi were during team dinners, when Brett would be giving announcements, Levi would march right up to him and stand tall, looking up at Brett and looking around at everyone like, "You tell 'em, Dad!"

The past three months have been the most fun and difficult all at the same time. Most of month 16 consisted of fits and hitting and screaming. I felt like I was failing as a parent, but stuck to my guns and stayed consistent. I had a complete meltdown one night, I had just had enough. And literally the very next morning, Levi woke up so sweet and cuddly and he has been awesome ever since! Other than the occasional jealousy when I'm around other babies, he's really snapped out of that awful stage!

We love watching Levi become a sweet, determined, outgoing, funny little boy! Being a mom is one of the greatest joys of my life, but being his mom is even more incredible. I am so undeserving, so grateful, so blessed. We thank the Lord for Levi Jack, and beg Him to lead and guide Levi every day. We pray that God would pierce his heart so he might know Him and follow Him. I now know the meaning of "praying without ceasing," because every fiber of my being whispers these prayers all day long.

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