Monday, January 12, 2015

Fox, Party of Four!

That's right folks! We are delighted to be expecting Baby Fox #2 this summer! You guys, it's been so fun not really telling people much about this baby up to this point. I have thoroughly enjoyed every awkward glance and double take at my rapidly growing belly. Thanks for the laughs. ANYWAY, the journey here was different than expected, but it's been amazing watching the Lord unfold this little one's story right before our eyes. I'll be writing more about that soon here, hopefully, somewhere among the midst of changing diapers and throwing up. (If you'd like to go back and read the First Edition, Click here!) Until then, here's a little recap on the last few weeks, and our little Fox's first portrait...
8 weeks along! I know, I know, WHAT IS THAT right? 
The little leg buds are on the left, if that helps?!
First Belly Shot...10 weeks along!
Overall, I have felt pretty good. Of course, compared to the last time, getting eaten alive by a pack of wolves would have been classified as pretty good (dramatic, much?). But for realsies, there's certainly been nausea and vomiting, but not nearly to the extreme I had with Levi. So no complaints here! This pregnancy has been different from Levi in other ways, too. The nausea dies down when I eat. With Levi, eating just caused the cycle to start all over again. Because of that, I've gained 3lbs so far; with Levi, I lost 8. This one, constipation. Levi, diarrhea. This one, yucky complexion. Levi, glowing skin (and I would have never used the word yucky pre-Levi. Oh, motherhood.)

The big question everyone asks then is, "So do you think you're having a girl this time?" It's a fair question, but I really don't know. Mostly because I don't have much time to think about it. When I do, logically it seems I could be having a girl. But I always pictured myself being a mama of boys. So next summer, we will see!

That's right, it's "Surprise us at Delivery" mode over here! Well, I'm still struggling to get Brett on board, so feel free to encourage him and tell him how awesome it is to wait! I've always wanted to do it this way. With Levi, I caved, but I am standing strong! :) Because it really makes no difference to me. I know how much I'd love a daughter, but I also know how much I love having a son! So be it trucks or tutu's (did I even spell that right?), sign me up!

I hope to keep up the blog with updates as this little Fox continues hibernating in the den, but right now I'm clocking in. Yes at 9:03 on a Monday night. It's been quite the day over here, but I wouldn't want it any other way!

"My future hangs on this, You made preciousness from dust, 
Please don't stop creating me..." -Rend Collective

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