Thursday, March 12, 2015

21 Months

My boy is just 3 months away from being 2! My heart can't even handle it! I LOVE this age and soooo look forward to the next stage as well, but I'm pretty sure I just delivered this little one yesterday, so it seems impossible that he could have grown up this fast!

You guys, he is a HOOT. I don't know if it's his facial expressions, his laugh, his stance, or a combination of it all, but you really can't be around this kid long without laughing at something. He scrunches his nose up and purses his lips, while standing tall with his belly hanging out of his shirt at least an hour a day. I just sit there and watch him sometimes, soaking him all in. He is just too much.
  • He is all into fake sneezing. His "achoo" is rather silent so you need to listen up if you're gonna catch it!
  • Levi "baa's" like a sheep, and affectionately refers to dogs and horses as "gwo" Albeit nonsense, it's consistent and I know what he means :)
  • While he's still going through a picky eater phase (hopefully it's just a phase!), he still loves food. One day I heated up a plate of leftovers and brought them to the living room to eat while Levi was playing with his toys. When I sat down, he ran to the kitchen. Before I know it, he came back with a spoon in his hand, and walked right over to my plate and helped himself. I was dying.
  • He started saying so much these last few months, although the last couple of weeks he has laid off a lot. But he's been able to say things like "hank ew," "alb ew" (love you,) "doggy," "ok," "huh?" occasional "mama & dada" (especially when he's whining,) guitar, gar (grape), and his all time favorite, "car." Everything on God's green earth is a car to this little dude. Bless.
  • We're still going through the "I hate babies" phase. It's an uphill battle, but his fits around little ones have shrunk in intensity and length, so I'm gonna chalk that up as a win. I still fear a little for this new little one, though, and pray for a hedge of protection from the jealousy of the older brother. Poor babe's gonna need it.
  • Levi is a determined little boy. He knows what he wants and doesn't know how to say it (awful combination.) Disciplining him has been a humbling experience because all my years of "I would just do this if my kid did that" has failed us and sometimes we wonder if we're doing it right. That being said, we've also seen a look of "uh oh" and even a little remorse when he's being disciplined, so I *think* we're heading the right direction. I was a really good parent about 3 years ago :) and now I feel a little clueless sometimes, but we pray a lot and beg God to work in Levi in spite of our best efforts so we are just trusting He will do just that :)
  • That being said, this boy is SUCH a sweetheart. Levi is a snuggler and loves giving hugs and kisses. He'll be in the middle of playing when he will stop everything he's doing, run over, and rest his head on my shoulder. Just for the sake of being lovely. He thinks it's cool when I sing along to Daniel Tiger and loves to dance to music, taking the time to clap for himself when he is done. While he still has a long way to go when it comes to sharing, he does take the time to bring toys to little ones (once he's done throwing a fit) and is very gentle and sweet with them.
  • My favorite thing these days is when I ask, "Where's the baby?" He stretches out both arms and rubs his hands on my belly. Be still my heart.
Have I mentioned I'm so grateful for this boy? :) Levi you are my joy and you make my world sweeter. I love you to the moon and back, Hammy!

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