Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Favorite Things

Well, trimester 3 came rolling in and I welcomed it with open arms and a smile on my face! I wouldn't say this pregnancy has gone "fast" by any means, but it's crazy to think I'm in the last leg of it. Despite all the hurdles we've had to overcome, overall we've been blessed with a healthy pregnancy and an active, healthy baby. I could never praise God enough for this undeserved blessing He's so graciously placed in our lives. Some days I can literally feel my heart growing and overflowing with joy because God saw fit, somewhere among the midst of my sin and imperfections, to place a child He will always love more than I'd ever be able to in my care. Wow.

Yesterday at my doctors appointment I was surprised to learn my blood pressure was a little high. Nothing serious, but I was told just to keep an eye on it over the next few weeks. I'm not worried at all, but it did make me aware of a few things. One, every day this baby can stay right where he's at is a gift. As much as I long to hold him in my arms, I need to continue to pray that he would be protected so that he can continue to thrive. Two, in just 12 1/2 weeks, this baby is due to greet us. If for whatever reason he has to come early, or if I'm ever put on bed rest, I'm running out of time to get ready for him.

People keep asking what we've done to his nursery. I think most are surprised when I say, "Nothing." It's so out of character for me. But with all that's been on our plates the last few months (sickness, holidays, more sickness, my sister's wedding, and even more sickness), we haven't had the chance to accomplish much in the little guy's room. In just the last few weeks we've finally decided on a paint color and theme for the room, which will be revealed in another post :)

Anyway, after my appointment yesterday, I decided to run around and pick up a few things and finalize our registries since we have a few showers coming up. I bought a few crafty things I'm working on for the nursery which I'm excited about. Then I ran over to Babies R Us to update a few things since some of the things we originally registered for were no longer in stock. Sidenote: that store can be so overwhelming. I'm becoming more familiar with the layout of the store, which helps, but the registry print out was so confusing. Whatever.

All of that to say, I wanted to share a few things I'm excited about. Whether it's because I've heard such great things about it, or because just because it's cute, here we go:

Black Jenny Lind Crib My mom used Jenny Lind cribs for us when we were little kids, so I think it will be fun to pass on the tradition

Aprica Travel System I won't lie, it's mainly because I like the colors. But it's also lightweight and easy to collapse, so I think we will be happy with it!

Swaddle Blankets I know, I know, these aren't completely necessary. However, they were the one thing "football" related that I actually thought was cute and Brett obviously agreed. 

Hooded Towels ...because who wouldn't want to snuggle and freshly bathed baby in one of these bad boys!?
Boppy I've seen these for years and finally get one of my own.

And last but not least,

I'll FINALLY get to kiss this sweet face!!!!!

What about you? What baby things did you love?! What items made your heart melt!? 


  1. cute post - it's amazing how all the sudden you feel like there is no time left to get ready. "what was I don't with all my time?" lol. a small suggestion - the hoodie towels from the store are mostly worthless... they don't absorb much. you need homemade hoodie towels! :) ok, ok, you twisted my arm. i'll make you one! you will love the swaddle me blankets though!!

  2. Hey this is Victoria, I am stalking you through Phil's facebook! The boppy is absolutely necessary if you are going to breastfeed! I couldn't have done it without one! You're going to be such a great Mom! And don't worry, no need to have the nursery done yet!

  3. Theresa, you crack me up!! Good to know though :) Victoria, I've heard the boppy becomes your best friend, I'm sure I will love it!!