Monday, October 28, 2013

Five Months

Five Months
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You, my boy, are a brand new baby these days! This month you started rolling over every chance you got. You're sitting up on your own for a while at a time, too, which has made play time so much fun!! Beginning to fill out your 12 month clothes, you're growing into a charming little boy! You've started babbling, "Memememe," which is adorable, but I always respond back, "Mamamama." Hey, a girl can dream! We still haven't tried any solid foods yet, mainly because I think you'll look far too grown up with a sippy cup and I want you to stay little! Speaking of eating, you've turned nursing into quite the game, full of giggles and then smacking my face repeatedly. Your favorite things to do these days are to play peekaboo, have us blow raspberries on your belly, gurgle your spit, "sing" yourself to sleep, and hang upside down. And lo and behold, still no teeth, yet you're teething like a mad man! Levi, we're continually reminded how blessed we are. The best and scariest prayer we pray is a prayer of surrender. We're trusting God to soften your heart and speak to you so that you may know Him and experience His love for you. Whew, it's not easy being a parent (already!) but we love you like crazy and are hopeful and excited to see what God will do in your life!

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