Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Four Months

Four Months
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  Every day with you is more and more fun! We love watching you discover new things! You chew on your hands all day long and have continued to learn how to roll over. You have a new found love for Peek-a-boo and you smile from ear to ear at Sophie! We're amazed at your ability to sit up straight (with support) and hold your own bottle and put your paci in and out of your mouth! So many milestones were reached this month and we're SO proud of you! You're still an ornery little napper, but I think that's partly because you're teething these days. NOT fun! But even in the midst of the drool and fussiness, you flash us smile after smile and yes, even a few laughs! It's music to our ears, sweet boy. Every morning we spend some time reading from your special Bible! It excites me to know you're hearing truth at such a young age. It's our prayer that Jesus would stir in your heart and that you would come to know Him and love Him. He loves you even more than we do, so you have every reason to trust Him! To the moon and back, kid!

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