Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Baby Fox (16 weeks)

Sixteen Weeks

Dear Baby Fox,
  We've reached sweet sixteen! You're growing up so fast already! Your little arms and legs have started kicking and squirming and I finally got to feel you move. I felt you right after the worship set at church...Now that I know you can hear, I have to wonder if you love music like your mama and you were just upset that the songs were over. I totally feel ya.
  Speaking of which, I hope you're ready to hear me sing. A lot. In the shower, while I'm getting ready, and ALWAYS in the car. You'll hear a variety of songs, too. The Band Perry, JJ Heller, Phil Wickham, Christmas Carols, and of course the little ditty's I make up as I talk to Sophie. I'll make up songs for you some day too. You're sure to love them!
  I'm being continually reminded how blessed we are to have you in our lives. Baby, I do not take you for granted. I want you to know we consider you a gift and we humbly accept all that God graciously offers us. So somewhere in the midst of all the headaches and throwing up and tears and exhaustion, I thank God for the opportunity to feel so yucky, because I know so many would love to feel this way with the promise of a baby. 
  Christmas is fast approaching and soon after we get to find out if you are a baby boy or baby girl! We're so anxious, but I'm even more excited for next Christmas, when we get to see you discover the Christmas lights and wrapping paper! You are a joy, sweet baby. Happy kicking!
Love, Mama

  • How far along?: 16 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a:  almost 5 inches long! Oh my!
  • The Bump: Getting round! Hard to believe I'm going to grow so much more!
  • Symptoms: Feeling like a human being again! About three times a week I still get nauseous and I'm still exhausted. But I can cook and walk around Target without feeling like I just might die, so that's a plus!
  • Food Cravings: No real cravings, but Lifesaver hard candies have gotten me through a lot! There's also a chance they've given me a cavity, but I'll choose my battles!
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Dog food, smell of our trash can
  • Sleep: It goes in spurts. Once I'm sleeping, I'm usually ok, but falling asleep on my side is difficult! 
  • What I miss: I want a sip of Woodchuck.
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On
  • Any Names Picked Out Yet: Waiting to find out what we're having before we talk about it much need to fight over a name if we won't even have an opportunity to use it!
  • Gender Prediction: I'm still leaning towards Girl, but the idea of a Boy is much more present in my mind! 
  • Movement: Felt a few questionable flutters last week, then yesterday I most certainly felt that baby kick! I cried :)
  • Maternity Clothes: Just pants. Maternity shirts are still a little too big for me, but a lot of my shirts are already becoming too short
  • Labor Signs: None.
  • Best Moment of the Week: Hearing the heart beat again and feeling the first real movements!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: For baby to kick strong enough that Brett can feel!!
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    1. oh my goodness, after reading through all of this, my pregnancy has been super-similar to yours! the flutters, feeling human again, no cravings, haha hilarious!