Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our New Home

So it's been three or four weeks since we moved, and I feel like it's FINALLY starting to feel like home around here. Of course we have a long way to go, arranging things to figure out the best way to make this house home. I seriously cannot wait to be able to paint (probably not until next summer...so sad, I know!), but luckily the colors the previous owners chose aren't too bad. The colors are just a little boring for my taste.  However, overall, this place is coming along! Here are just a few teaser pics to give you a better idea of where us Foxes reside!! As more and more rooms get done, I'll be adding more pictures! Until then, this will have to suffice :)

View of Kitchen from Dining Room...like the sleepy puppy?
View of Kitchen from Living Room

Other side of Kitchen
View of Backyard from Kitchen sink...I love this space!
Dining Room...No those curtains are not mine...Yes they will be the first to go!
Main Living Room off of Kitchen
Front Family Room...this will be pretty empty for a while!
Other view of Family Room

And of course no home is complete without some Friends Christmas decor!!

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