Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Boy's Nursery

I've dreamed of ways to decorate my first baby's nursery most of my life. Call me weird, and maybe I am, but I think it has something to do with my desire to bring my newborn home mixed with my passion for decorating and putting rooms together. I remember when I bought my first house, I painted the guest bedroom knowing it could one day become a nursery, and it made me giggle with excitement. We found out we were expecting our first baby right after we sold our home and were about to move, and I remember a little part of me feeling sad that that room would never see our sweet baby.

When we found out Baby Fox was a boy, Brett instantly tried convincing me to paint his room navy blue and gold so that it could be a Notre Dame themed room. ...Men. I quickly made it clear that that would not be happening. I told him there will likely come a day when this little boy comes to me and says, "Mawmaw, I want 'fwutballs' in my 'wroom!' " and I know it will be impossible to say no to that sweet, speech impediment filled request. So until that day, this room will be what I want it to be.

So, what do I want it to be, you ask? Well I'd be delighted to tell ya! When I picture our little boy, I picture a bald, husky boy with a love for all things boy. Be it trucks or footballs or a tool belt, I picture him in his grass stained pants running around the house playing like a little monster. And I love him for that. So it was hard to come up with one theme that suited this kid. Plus, for whatever reason, whenever I would stop to think about what I wanted to do to his room, the song "Courageous" by Casting Crowns would get stuck in my head. I thought more and more about the words to this song, as it encourages men to be men, being brave and strong like a warrior, stepping out in obedience to pursue the Lord. Who wouldn't want that for their sons?!

After much debate, I finally decided to just do it all. There are planes and trucks and elephants and books and sports and camping equipment. My wonderful sister-in-law over at D.I.A.Images took the time to capture a few pictures of his sure to check out more of this session and the rest of her work at :) More information about the details of the room listed below.

This clock was one of the main inspiration pieces for the room. I found it years ago at Goodwill for $2. Never had a place to hang it up until now :)

I wish so badly I could take credit for this mobile, but I just can't! I found the idea via Pinterest,
you can read more about it here :)

Paint Color: Snowgoose by Pratt and Lambert
Green Curtains: Shower curtain $20 from Target, cut in half and hung as curtains. 
Crib: Jenny Lind in Ebony 
Clock: Goodwill $2
Life is a Journey Canvas: Hobby Lobby years ago, used to hang in our old guest bathroom
Rocker: Given to us by our cousin
Blocks: Gift given to us by a family friend, made from old blocks and an old book from 1957
Tool Chest: Also given by same family friend, she found it at Goodwill
Bookshelf: Target, $50
Football figurine: Goodwill, $2 Spray painted Orange
Books: All given by friends and family at shower
Lantern: Walmart, $6
Giraffe and Elephant figurines: Made by yours truly in high school
Airplane: Hobby Lobby $15
Pendant Paper and Cloud Material: Hobby Lobby, $14

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