Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Baby Fox

Dear Baby Fox,
  It breaks my heart to tell you all about the world you're about to enter into. But I feel the need to tell you so that you become more and more confident in your purpose here on earth. You are needed here, sweet boy. Our loving God has a beautiful plan and you get to be a part of it! You can bring so much hope to this broken world, if you chose to! You may be small, but you can do mighty things!
  From the very beginning, every where you look, you will find someone who is hurting. Whether it's because something has happened to them or because their decisions led them to that place, they are hurting and feeling hopeless. You can encourage them. You can tell them all about how God is in the business of making dirty things beautiful. You can show them the same love God has showed us all along.
  It's about impossible to engage in any sort of media without stumbling upon something that doesn't honor God. Be it crude humor, inappropriate commercials, or the message that life is all about's so hard to avoid. You, however, can put on the armor of God. You can memorize His word and be in tune with His ways. You can battle temptation and exposure with the Truth God brings, and trust He will follow through on His promises. The ways of this world may seem overpowering, but God is on your side!
  Baby, people here treat each other in unspeakable ways. People lie to one another and cheat to get ahead. People take things from one another and act like bullies to put others down. I hate to say it, but young, precious, innocent babies just like you aren't always spoken for. This world has bought into lies and deceit straight from the Enemy. One thing I know: the answer is not condemning them. The answer is not ignoring them or avoiding them. No, the answer, my sweet baby boy, is loving them. You have to remain bold and you have to be brave, but everything we do has to be in the name of God's love. That, my baby, is the only way you can change this world. And baby, you CAN change this world.
  Some day you'll read this letter and understand a little more. You'll understand why your daddy and I have rules and limitations for you. You'll understand why we're so protective. You'll understand why we teach you Scripture and why we're a part of a church and why we tithe and practice generosity. You'll see why we pray together as a family and why we invest in the lives of others. We do it, sweet boy, because we believe that Jesus was who He said He was. His life and death and resurrection has not only touched our hearts, but it's changed the way we see everything. It's transformed our lives and we're pressing forward in hopes that other broken and hurting people's lives will be transformed and made new as well! It's why you're be a mighty, loving warrior in the name of Jesus.
  So love big and brave, my boy. You have the most mighty Warrior of all on your side!
Love, Mama

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