Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day that Changed Our Lives (Pt 3)

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He looked at the bottom of the bag and found two pregnancy tests and four bold pink lines. He just looked at me with a little confusion and shock. That's when the real water works began. For me, not him. I cried and exclaimed, "I'm sooooo sorry!" in a loud, weepy voice. I'll never forget what he said next...

"Come here," he said. I sat on his lap on our couch and leaned into his chest and just cried. "Please don't be mad," I kept thinking. After what seemed like hours crying and hugging each other, I leaned back and Brett just grinned. 

"So can we call people?" he asked. WHAT!? I haven't even processed this! It was hard enough to tell my own husband. How can he be ready to call people and tell them our news?? He continued. "When are you due? Let's see, September, October...May! Oh that's perfect, I'll be almost done with school! I'll be off work all next summer to stay home and help! You should call the doctor tomorrow..." He then picked up Sophie and said, "Hey, no more jumping on your mama. There's a baby in there we love very much and you need to be careful!"

He is my hero. His love for me surpasses my expectations every day. Brett is always so good to me, and  yes, it's because he loves me, but it's mainly because that's who he is. He is so loyal and selfless. He puts my needs ahead of his own, and leads and guides me with strength and kindness. All of these qualities make him such a wonderful husband; they're sure to make him an amazing father. Our child is lucky to have a dad like him.

The rest of the night was spent talking about normal, every day things, then one of us would smile and say, "I can't believe it!" and we'd laugh and shake our heads in disbelief. I told him how shocked I was when I found out, but that, in looking back, there have been a few signs. I had been more tired than normal, but I figured that was just because we were busy with work and moving. I had been using the restroom a lot in the middle of the night, but I always have to pee. Plus, my face broke out as if I was 14 again earlier that week. It's just hard to put the puzzle pieces together when you don't know you're working on a puzzle.

Anyway, we praised God for this unexpected blessing, and begged Him to continue to keep our child safe and healthy. Funny how quickly your priorities change when you discover that a baby, even though it's the size of a blueberry, is counting on you. We were supposed to spend our weekend packing up for our big move and tackling our to-do list. Now we just wanted to come up with cool ways to tell our families we'd be adding a new addition in the spring!

We went to bed that night, saying one last prayer, looking forward to what the weekend would be like. We were elated and anxious and as happy as we could be. I, of course, didn't sleep well because I had so much on my mind. I finally just decided to get out of bed around 4 that morning and do something quietly until Brett's alarm went off. I used the restroom and burst into tears when I discovered what looked like the beginning of a miscarriage...

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